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Moya Matcha shop is first and foremost a shop where you can get best quality matcha tea, the one that comes from small organic cultivations placed in the mountainous Uji region. In our tea shop, we have a great variety of sets of matcha utensils and matcha bowls that are handmade by Polish and Japanese artists; you can find many other accessories here too. We offer not only powdered matcha tea, but also finest Japanese green tea: sencha, genmaicha, kukicha and hojicha. All the Moya green teas are inseparable from the Japanese culture and come from organic, family-owned farms.

Our brand

Moya is a top quality Japanese tea brand . You can buy our matcha tea and other green teas in our affiliated shops all over Europe, in our online green tea shop, and in our showroom in Warsaw. We are proud of the quality of our green tea and we consider ourselves experts in the field. Quality, colour, taste and price of matcha tea depends on many factors, such as region, rainfall and –primarily – the harvest from which the tea comes from. Matcha from the first harvest is the most delicate one because it is produced from the finest leaves that were exposed to direct sunlight only for a short period of time. Japan puts severe quality norms and the harvest volume is thus limited.

Our mission

If you need any advice, just contact us and will be happy to share our knowledge with you. Achieving perfection is a gradual process and we’re doing our best to increase the quality of our service and to make every visit in our matcha tea shop a pleasant experience. First and foremost, we make sure that after harvesting the matcha tea is delivered to you as soon as possible. For this reason our matcha is hermetically packed in Japan and sent to us in small batches, 4-5 times a year. Thanks to this, you can enjoy green tea that is not only of highest quality and certificated organic but possesses unique flavour and exceptional freshness.

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