Thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? Start drinking matcha every day for your health

The beginning of the year is a great time to reflect on the past and set the right direction. It’s worth taking a moment to thank yourself and your body for how bravely it served you. Was 2023 a year of getting back in shape, prioritizing quality sleep, or cutting out unhealthy foods from your diet? Or was it a year with more time for relaxation? Bravo! Only when you properly care for yourself can you also care for the surrounding world and pursue your dreams. Today, we want to inspire you to make a New Year’s resolution that will positively impact your soul and body in 2024: daily matcha consumption. Wondering why?

Here are 4 important reasons to drink matcha:

  1. Matcha stimulates both the body and mind. It’s a natural energizer made entirely from green tea, containing caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine. You can drink it in the morning after breakfast or instead of your second cup of coffee. It’s safe for daily consumption.
  2. Matcha is a source of antioxidants. Remember what they are? Essentially these are chemical compounds that slow down oxidation, or, in other words, the aging of cells in the body. You can read more about it in our article.
  3. Matcha speeds up digestion and helps maintain a healthy silhouette, simple as that
  4. Preparing matcha is a pleasant and quite simple ritual. It’s a daily thank-you to your body for serving you so well.
    ice matcha latte

    How to fulfill your resolution and adopt a healthy habit?

    • Decide when you will have your matcha – in the morning or perhaps in the afternoon instead of your second cup of coffee? Set a reminder on your phone for your chosen time.
    • Refer to science. According to researchers from the “European Journal of Social Psychology,” developing a new habit takes anywhere from 18 to (!) 254 days, depending on individual predispositions. If you drink matcha every day for 31 days, throughout January, there’s a good chance you’ll succeed in cultivating this healthy habit throughout the whole year.
    • Write down your goal. In a notebook, a piece of paper, or on your computer, alongside your other goals. Swimming once a week and a daily dose of matcha? Sounds like a plan!
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