Moya Hojicha Powder
Organic Japanese Green Tea


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100% organic Japanese green tea hojicha
FLAVOUR: slightly nutty flavour
COLOUR: dark brown

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Hojicha powder is made from finely ground roasted green tea powder from Kagoshima. This younger sister of matcha green tea is becoming increasingly popular in Japan and abroad.
Just like with Hojicha tea, subtle earthy undertones prevail in the aroma of Moya Hojicha Powder which is made from tea leaves grown in the famous region of Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu. After soaking up the sun, the tea leaves are harvested and carefully steamed, rolled, and dried. The green tea leaves are then expertly roasted and milled into fine powder to perfectly dissolve in water and create rich and creamy hojicha lattes and tea desserts. The roasting process also reduces caffeine levels which makes Hojicha a perfect choice of tea for all times of year.

Powdered hojicha is a versatile culinary ingredient known to produce hojicha latte, the hazel sister of matcha latte, which can be served both hot and cold. To prepare hojicha latte mix a flat tablespoon of hojicha powder with 100ml of water by using a bamboo chasen or a milk frother and then add a milk of your choice. Hojicha latte is best prepared in a traditional ceramic matchawan used for preparing matcha and tastes great with plant-based milks. The nutty flavor of roasted hojicha powder makes for a great additive to a number of recipes starting with hojicha ice cream, macarons and cakes. Its taste is deprived of bitterness making it a popular choice among kids. Moya Hojicha Powder is produced in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan.

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