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Traditional bowl for preparing and drinking matcha tea.
VOLUME: approx 400 ml,
HEIGHT: 8 – 9 cm,
DIAMETER: 10,5 – 12 cm.
As this is a handcrafted product, dimension and colour may vary slightly.
Dishwasher safe.

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The Kaigan matchawan is a traditional cup for preparing and drinking matcha. It is hand-made of clay with lava particles, which gives it irregular freckles, unique for this material. The bowl has a matte finish, resulting in a minimalist, raw character. The matchawan’s uniqueness is also achieved by a geometric cut through the cup, dividing it into two parts: volcanic grey and mesmerising turquoise. The wide bottom of the cup is perfect for preparing matcha with a chasen ‒ a bamboo whisk used traditionally in the Japanese tea ceremony.

The matchawan was hand-crafted by a local pottery business in United Kingdom. 10 years ago Natasha, the pottery artist changed her career and followed her dreams, finding the fulfilment in creating ceramic products. Her passion, effort and attention to detail attracted local shops, cafes and yoga studios. Natasha’s work has been recognised by international magazines such as Elle Decorations and was showcased in a vegan cooking handbook

The traditional way to prepare matcha comes from the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It involves using a matcha bowl, a bamboo whisk- chasen and a bamboo spoon- chashaku. Place 2 chashaku spoons of matcha (1,5g) in a matcha bowl and pour 100ml of hot water (80 °C). Chasen in hand, vigorously whisk your matcha from the wrist in m-shaped, not circular, motion. In about 20 seconds your bowl should be filled with a perfect jade-green foam. You can add more water now if you like your matcha to be less strong.

Watch how Hitomi Saito, cofounder of Moya Matcha, prepares perfect matcha.

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