Green tea matcha in a japanese bowl

Green tea is widely known for its valuable properties and exquisite taste. Due to such precious green tea’s qualities, many pregnant women wonder if it is worth including tea in their daily menu. Are there any contraindications considering drinking green tea while pregnant? We answer this question in the article below.

Is green tea safe for pregnant women?

Caffeine is a substance contained within most varieties of green tea. Caffeine is then a substance, which in excess can harm pregnant women. Doctors recommend monitoring and limiting the caffeine intake during pregnancy and lactation. That’s why pregnant women are advised not to consume coffee and coffee products, energy drinks, cola, cocoa, yerba mate and guarana.

What amounts of green tea are safe for pregnant women?

Specialists advise future mothers not to excess the maximum 200 mg of caffeine, when it comes to daily consumption of this substance. This dose translates into about 4 standard cups of classic green tea (classic – i.e. the most popular, meaning refreshing sencha). However, it’s worth remembering that caffeine is also found in other products, such as coffee, sodas, yerba mate, and even chocolate. It is worth taking this into account when calculating your daily caffeine intake. When deciding to limit green tea, it is best to consult the doctor watching over your health during the pregnancy.

And is there any solution for pregnant green tea lovers?

Of course there is! Fortunately, there are certain kinds of green tea, which are characterised by a reduced or no caffeine content. This is due to the ways, in which they are produced, and their methods of processing the tea leaves. Roasted hojicha is an example of such decaffeinated tea. Hojicha is a green tea, consisting of leaves subjected to a roasting process. As a result, the tea acquires a smoky, creamy aroma, and the caffeine content is almost completely vanquished. It is characterised by a nutty, smoky flavour and aroma (which makes it one of our favourite teas in the office!).

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