Ice matcha latte is a very refreshing, full of umami and creamy beverage, perfect for warm, sunny days. We recommend drinking it from a glass because it’s not only delicious but also looks stunning. We recommend using your favourite milk, we prefer oat or rice milks which have natural sweetness to our drink. Ice matcha latte is a great and healthy replacement for iced coffee. It will not only boost our energy but also add antioxidants to our diet which support immune system and cleanse the body of toxins. Check out the recipe below!

Recipe for ice matcha latte




  • 3g Moya Matcha Traditional or Daily
  • 50ml water not hotter than 70-80°C
  • 150 ml milk, we recommend oat or rice milk
  • ice cubes
  • sweetener (honey, agave syrup) optional


ice matcha latte


Put the ice cubes into a glass and pour milk of your choice. In a separate bowl, using your bamboo whisk chasen, or a simple milk frother, mix matcha with a small amount of water. When matcha is well mixed with a nice layer of green foam on top, pour it into the glass. If you want to create nice two layers, it’s best to pour matcha slowly directly on the ice cubes. Add sweetener if you want to and enjoy your tasty drink whenever you like 💚

If you need a reminder in how to prepare matcha – click here.

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