Human body can be described as complicated machinery, the balance of which can be disturbed by numerous factors. Organism’s acidification is an example of such a disordered functioning. Acidification is a cause of a wide range of onerous maladies, such as chronic tiredness, fatigue, irritability, and stomach problems, inability to focus or to lose excess weight. Most common grounds for organism’s acidification are stress and poor diet, which nowadays are particularly difficult to avoid. In order to deacidify the organism, it’s beneficial to include foods of alkalizing properties in one’s everyday diet. One of such products is green tea.


What is acidification of the organism?

This article is worth to start with an explanation, what exactly is organism’s acidification. Acidification is a distortion of the body’s natural acid-alkaline balance. Such distortion consists in making pH (reaction measured according to the hydrogen ions activity) of the organism reach lower value than normal and desired (more acidic). The factors causing acidification are e.g. improper diet rich in fried and grilled products, meat, excessive amounts of dairy or alcohol and coffee.


Acidification and the love towards coffee

Coffee may be one of the factors causing acidification. It is characterised by highly acidic pH, which makes it prone to contributing to the process of acidification. Considering the tremendous pace accompanying our everyday lives, it’s difficult to go without any stimulating substance aiding concentration. And green tea can actually constitute a solution to this problem.


Green tea deacidifies the body and stimulates the mind

Green tea deacidifies, and hence can be one of the potential alternatives to coffee. Green tea is characterised by an alkalising pH, which makes it irreplaceable to the process of deacidification. The alkaline pH neutralizes excess acidity, allowing one to restore the desired acid-alkaline balance of the body. Kukicha shows the strongest alkalising properties from all kinds of green tea. It’s a green tea blend consisting of stems and twigs of the tea bushes, instead of their leaves.

Green teas are also known for their stimulating properties due to their high content of theine – caffeine found within tealeaves. That’s what makes them an invaluable substitute for coffee, even for those, who particularly care about the effect of stimulation and improvement of concentration. In such case, it is best to reach for sencha tea. It is the most widely known kind of green tea, characterised by the highest content of stimulating theine (the name of the caffeine found within tea plants).


To sum things up, acidification is a problem, which is particularly difficult to avoid, considering current lifestyle and diet. Fortunately, the solution for such problem doesn’t have to involve a number of sacrifices. It’s enough to drink one cup of delicious green tea a day.

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